[UPDATE] RRS Right Hand Drive Deluxe Dash Bezel – Sept Discounts

I’m still very interested in the right hand drive bezel package from RRS, particularly because it comes in deluxe brushed aluminum which, for right hand drive, is very hard to come by as it was never produced in RHD from the factory and to date RRS are the only company mass producing deluxe RHD bezels. This week I received a couple of new photos of the kits and information about a September ‘special’. Throughout the month of September you can purchase the RRS RHD dash panel and aluminum bezel (5 pieces) for $AUD2,700 saving a tidy $500 off the normal price. The 5 piece bezel kit includes: * Instrument piece * Middle piece * Glove box trim piece * Glove box side piece * Metal back for the instruments * Comes with lenses The RRS site also says “RRS RHD plastic bezels and die-cast air con side vents. The instrument bezel is tooled to allow the LHD instruments to be transferred into RHD bezel. The only detail on the appearance of the Bezels that is not a mirror image is the wiper switch control which remains in the LHD position. The Bezel also allows for the fitment of LHD aftermarket gauges.” It’s worth noting these are also available in camera case black (standard) and currently there are only RRS dash products for 1967-1968 Mustangs. Again I’m almost certain I’ll be investing in these when we get the conversion done. In the mean time I’ll be keen to hear your stories if you have installed these RRS dash kits. [gallery] [RRS]]]>

3 thoughts on “[UPDATE] RRS Right Hand Drive Deluxe Dash Bezel – Sept Discounts

  1. I have installed these Cam.Send me a email and i can send pictures and tell you about the difficult installation because of the back of the cluster.

  2. Very interested in the RRS RHD bezel. Would really appreciate seeing the pics of your installation, and hearing about the difficulties that you had Adrian.
    Cheers, Phillip

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