[UPDATE] Michael's RHD Shelby Eleanor

In January I posted about Michael’s world first factory right hand drive Shelby. Well this week he’s given me an update with pictures and video. Take a look after the jump. From the looks of it it seems Michael’s build is coming along very well and very quickly! How jealous am I! Here’s Michael’s update. “The Boys at Robert St Restorations have been working around the clock on my car, they have been working on it 6 days per week. You will notice that in the last month they have covered quite a bit of ground, the body kit is only a few days now from completion and I must say they have done an incredible job. The body kits are a huge job to install, 1st the bonnet is a lot thicker than an original metal framed bonnet, hence when we first bolted it up it sat 1/2 an inch above the guards. I think the rear end was probably the most time consuming, once again the fibreglass boot was thicker than the original. The Dynacorn shells don’t come perfect from the factory so some minor adjustments are required to make them right, I’ve been informed that the following shells should be corrected from the factory so some of the work we did won’t be needed. Soon the guys will put all the running gear back in and do all the testing and send it for paint in 2-3 weeks.” Stay tuned for more updates from Michael. They’re coming thick and fast. And check out the latest video below. [gallery]


5 thoughts on “[UPDATE] Michael's RHD Shelby Eleanor

  1. make sure they bake the fibreglass before painting it as it prevents it from curing once painted which can result in some movement

  2. If i was using the gt500 5.4ltr it would have been but the RRS RHD dash has made provisions and been designed for this type of application. This is by far the easiest way to do a RHD.

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