Toby's Eleanor March Update – Partial Paint

tobys-eleanor-project-march-2009-panel-paint-fitment-gt500-cover Sorry it’s been a while between updates, I’ve been working on some site updates which have included an upgrade to the backend and a great new look for the site which you will see in the next few days! Anyway Toby has just returned from the states where he met up with Jason from Classic Recreations, a big thanks to Tobys for the Classic Recreation gifts! I’ll be hoping to get some photos and vids up from the their factory soon. So Toby’s Eleanor continues to move along, having had the engine bay and various other bits painted which I posted about a few weeks back. Now the panels are going back on in preparation for the final paint which showed be happening this week or next. After that it’s back into mine! wow I can’t remember when I posted fresh pictures of my car. Anyway enjoy these new pictures of Toby’s. [gallery link="file"]]]>

4 thoughts on “Toby's Eleanor March Update – Partial Paint

  1. HI Damian, Im glad you named your car Eleanor, which is my first name and guess what? my last name is Damian. Something ha???.

  2. Hi guys I,m currently in the process of building an eleanor. I just purchased a brand new shell with the right hand drive dash and and conversion kit.I plan on running one of the new GT500 5.4 supercharged motors with the upgraded supercharger for potentially 700 plus horsepower. Any advice on the build would be much appreciated. I,m in sydney and keen to meet other guys with the same interest in this type of car.

  3. hey i plan on building eleanor once out of high school in 4-5 years and i need advice on how much i will need to invest in this project and where i might be able to buy a body of a 67 shelby Mustang GT 500… any ideas?

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