[READER RIDE] Christopher's 1967 Super Snake Eleanor

“I purchased the car in June of 2008.  The car came with rockers, lower scoops, upper scoops, and rear flares installed.  The rear wheels wells had already been mini-tubbed to allow  the use of 315mm tires, possibly even larger.  Bodywork started on the car in April of 2009 and was finished in late April of 2010.” explains Christopher. He then ran into some trouble that threatened to derail the whole project “The car seemed to be cursed at first, as the first shop went bankrupt, and then the second shop just could not seem to get around to doing the necessary work on the car.  Upper and lower nose, fenders, deck-lid, end caps and taillamp panel were all purchased from the company that provided Unique with fiberglass.  Unfortunately, the fiberglass was very ill fitting and required an enormous amount of work for it to fit.  The fiberglass fenders were the worst part of the entire kit.” While at Barrett-Jackson in January of 2009, Christopher spotted a NOS 03 4.6L supercharged Terminator motor.  The price was too good to pass up and he purchased the motor.  “I had not put much though into stuffing a 4.6L into the 67 Mustang Fastback, but once i saw the motor i knew i had to have it.” Christopher said.  With 4.6L engine the shock towers had to be highly modified to fit it into the car.  Other necessary modifications and parts include a canton front sump oil pan, Dave Stribling restorations Engine mounts, custom radiator mounts, oil filter relocation kit, Ron Francis/The Detail Zone wiring and computer flashing, and notching of the frame rail for the alternator to fit. The 4.6L engine is mated to a T-56 six speed transmission with a hydraulic clutch. Surprisingly, they did not need to modify the transmission tunnel to fit the t-56. The front suspension is a fully adjustable coilover system from RRS and features slotted  rotors with 2 piston calipers. The rear suspension is the G-link system from Total control products. It features fully adjustable coilovers and minus a few small welds, is more or less a bolt in system.   The rear end is a 9” currie truloc with moser 31 spline axles with Wilwood 10.5” disc brakes. Quite a car don’t you think? Here are some other specs about the car: • Total Control Products Rack and Pinion Power Steering  • Mustang to Fear Fuel Cell with in tank pump • Braided stainless steel fuel lines  -8AN • AFCO double pass aftercooler • Old Air Products Air Conditioning/Heat/Defrost system • Shelby Signature Seat Covers • Classic Instruments Shelby Signature Gauges • Shelby Brake and Clutch Pedal Covers • 4 Point roll bar • 5 Point Racing Harnesses • PSE GT-40 Wheels 17×9 Front 17×10.5 rear • BMW Space Gray Metallic with Black Metallic Stripes • Ron Francis Express Chassis wiring harness The car is currently at DVS restorations where it is having: • the shock towers are being modified further • Radiator and cooling fan fit • Aftercooler and lines installed • Power steering cooler installed • AC condenser and lines installed • Heater hoses and radiator hoses fit • Oil filter relocation kit installed • Hydraulic throwout bearing installed • Engine compartment and underside of hood painted black • Transmission wiring correctly installed • Custom gas filler neck fabricated • Front exhaust tubes custom fit and made and, a custom driveshaft made. I’d like to thank Christopher for contacting me and sending in all the photos. the car looks amazing and has made me very jealous. Good luck with it and keep writing back to let us know how you get on. [gallery]]]>

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  1. I spent a night reading through this entire thread on this build. So much usefull information to anyone starting a build. Highly recommend reading this thread..!!

  2. This article is sick Cameron. It called right out to me with the title alone: “Christopher’s 1967 Super Snake Eleanor”. I am an avid fan of this model Mustang, being a 67 Shelby GT500. American muscle is the way to go, no questions asked. This being said, I do have a few questions for you though Mr. Cameron. So if you don’t mind, please email me, i would greatly appreciate it. My E-mail is as follows:

  3. Very nice! What a nice car. Thanks for sharing the information. I just finished my 1967 GT 500 Eleanor this week. For anyone in or close to Orange County California looking to build an Eleanor, get in touch with Mark at Scared Shiftless. He is located in Santa Ana, CA. and did an amazing job on the build. I think he is probably one of the best in the business, without a doubt. His body work was outstanding! Give him a call at 714-348-7546. Go Baby Go!

  4. Hi there, I am in need of some help.
    My partner is turning 21 in April and i want to Hire a Shelby Mustang gt500 ‘Elanor’ for part of his bday present.
    Just to cruise around for about an hour. Will pay, just in need of somewhere ?
    I am in brisbane so the hire places are sort of out because they are all in sydney and melbourne. does anyone know where i can go ?

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