Officially Licensed 850hp Eleanor Bound For Australia

classic-recreations_australian_bound_eleanor I was only speaking with Jason from Classic-Recreations a few weeks back when he told me he had a few cars headed for Australia, but apart from that I have not seen any of them until now. I stumbled upon what seems to be a video of Classic-Recreations workers test driving the RHD car for their client, who they say, is one Adrian Salvo. The car sounds and looks amazing from what you can see in the video but what’s probably most humours about this video is the driver claiming it’s “very awkward driving the right hand drive” The car is decked out with everything an Aussie rev-head would need; navigation, handmade wheels, supercharger, nos, Keith Craft racing motor, 427 bored out. Coilover suspension front and back, nascar rear-end. And Classic-Recreations claims it “Drives as good as it looks” I don’t know the lucky new owner of this car but I would love to have a chat with him, maybe he reads this blog? If so Adrian drop me a line. I hope to see his car around town in the near future. Now I just need to speak to Jason about a RHD dash!