Headlights Headlights Headlights pt 1

I’ve been trying to make my headlights brighter all the time and I had originally installed PIAA bulbs, which did make the road a little brighter than stock. After that I installed HID Xenon bulbes, which required me to also install ballasts and ignitors from a donor car to make them work. I had bought a set from a friend and installed them into my housings. The problem with HID bulbs in the standard housings that our Mustangs have is that the lights is reflected all over the place, blinding oncoming traffic. So I added a shield to keep light from shooting up and onto oncoming traffic. It worked. But now I’m getting ready to take it to the next level. I’m going to be adding HID projectors to my 7″ round housings. I know this has been done in the past somewhere, but it’s still not common. It’s going to take some work to make it all fit right and work properly. I will posts pictures as I get the project started. I still need to buy an extra set of housings so I can practice on first. here are a few pics of what I did with the HID bulbs and a picture of the projectors I just got. Here is what the back of the housing looks like with the HID D2R bulb installed.

This is the shield I installed to keep light away from oncoming traffic.
dscf0090.jpg dscf0076.jpg
This is the plug that conects to the bulb. I didn’t get a shot of the ballasts and ignitors.
This is the projector that I purchased for my project. I got the pair.
More to come!]]>

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