Difficulties Finding Shelby Parts?

Maybe it’s me and my lack of knowledge of the industry? Or my lack of contacts and not being in the USA or maybe it’s the current global situation such as COVID19? Though over the last 6 months it’s been increasingly difficult to find certain Shelby reproduction parts. Particularly the 1967 GT500 Grille with inboard headlights.

image courtesy of cobranda.com

Normally, I would purchase it all from Tony Branda at cobranda.com, however they have had supply issues. I would then try MustangsUnlimited, nope! They shutdown last year. How about MustangsDepot? Well that’s even worse, page not found or under construction. Lastly, National Parts Depot where I can’t even find it listed.

Luckily I’ve managed to find the part from Jim and Shelby Parts & Resto, though even then it’s not an easy process getting it.

So the question remains, are these parts harder to find? Is there a temporary shortage or am I just looking in the wrong place?

I’d love to hear where you all get your parts from especially if you’re restoring or building a 1967 GT500.

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