Classic Recreations Are Going Green

Classic Recreations. Jason and his team have been busy producing their Shelby GT500CR models and it appears business is going from strength to strength. Jason informs me that it’s an exciting time for the company and that interest for the new CR models has been great. This past week they even produced this beauty in the classic Shelby Lime Gold color and I felt like I had to share these pictures. Stay tuned though. I’ve also been told a GT500CR convertible version is soon to be available. For now though enjoy the photos. [gallery]]]>

One thought on “Classic Recreations Are Going Green

  1. Nice recreation of a ridgy-didge GT-500. I still can’t understand why people opt for the LeMans cap instead of the Mach-1. It just looks like a coffee jar cannister thingy poking out.
    Is there some kind of benefit to this cap over the Mach-1..??

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