Autoblog Take Classic Recreations Eleanor For A Workout

creleanorfd_09_cover Every week I read car reviews about the latest Porsche or Lamborghini that’s hit the street, but I always love it when I come across in depth reviews of our very own Eleanor and finding a good review of a 1967 Mustang is very hard to find. But today is a good day because the guys over at Autoblog were handed the keys to a Classic Recreations Eleanor and have put together a great review. We all know the back story of Eleanor so I’ll save you history so here’s what the Autoblog guys have said. “When we got a call offering us the actual car from that movie for the weekend, we felt obliged to say yes… and then drive it like we stole it. The verdict: Eleanor is the hottest piece of car we’ve spent a weekend with in quite some time.” I won’t copy and paste the whole review here. So CLICK HERE to check out the Autoblog review along with some great pics. [Source] [gallery]]]>

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