1967 Shelby GT500 Build Update – What’s Taking So Long?

You may be asking what on earth is taking so long in getting this Shelby GT500 finished, after-all it has been a year since I last posted any update. Well to tell you the truth this past year has proven very difficult for us to acquire all the GT500 parts at a reasonable cost.

Sure, we can order them from places like Cobranda, and in fact, we just did. Though even they don’t have the GT500 parts in stock. So we’re on another 6 week golding pattern while we wait for those to come in before they can be shipped to Australia.

So where are we at exactly? Well the car has had the majority of the body work done and it’s had the polyester primer applied. Since then we’ve been waiting for all the parts so we can fit up before going to paint.

We’re hopeful in the next 2 months we’ll get moving and build up some momentum into getting the paint down and final reassembly.

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